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CRON-Hangzhou Cron Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd., Exhibiting at Drupa 2024

CRON-Hangzhou Cron Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd., a leader in Publishing, Commercial Printing, Labels Production, Packaging Production, Large Format Printing, Security Printing, Functional Printing, Industrial Printing, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Drupa 2024, the world’s leading trade fair for printing technologies. Located at (Hall 05, C08), CRON will showcase its latest innovations and solutions, designed to revolutionize the printing industry.

This year, CRON is proud to introduce:

Dual-Drum Rapid CTP

Dual-drum rapid CTP adhering to the consistent technical advantages of CRON products realizes square dot imaging by adopting optical technology. The linear magnetic drive scanning system promises zero contact, no friction; the most classic V-shaped guide rail and automatic lubrication function; all these truly realize maintenance-free. And the best constant focal length, stables and sharpens the outputting dots.

Ezc Intelligent Printing System

World's first perfect and precise digital inking supply solution for conventional printing Set off. World's original micro-upgraded high-precision digital ink dispensing system Intelligent ink supply enables color printing to achieve international standards with one click. Save paper, ink, time, and effort. Easily setup and non-damage installation on any offset printing machine model, help reduce costs and increase efficiency and expand to high-end printing market.

HDI-2000 High-Definition Digital Flexo Imaging Machine

CRON HDI-2000 series is the very first choice for high-volume flexo trade shops and corrugated converters.

As the very first full-size flexo imager made in China, the CRON HDI-2000 is compatible with all 50 x 80 size flexo plates, hence perfectly achieves maximum plate utilization.


The 72Hn series is CRON's fully automatic large-format CTP (Computer-to-Plate) system, with a maximum plate size of up to 1860mm*1422mm. Upholding CRON's CTP technology advantages, it maximizes the automation, stability, and compatibility of CTP to the utmost level. The upgraded standard configuration includes a fully automatic plate loader unit for up to 100 sheets, and a new automatic slip paper alignment function.

CRON 46128G+

The updated G+ series CTP adheres to the traditional advantages of CRON CT. Through technological innovation, it uses the advantages of automation, stability, and compatibility to the limit.

The new generation G+ series CTP can totally satisfy customers’ requirements for high quality dot and for stable, reliable, and long-lasting operation. In addition to all these features it is the most cost-effective CTP available today.

CRON has a diversed selection of groundbreaking products that sets new standards in efficiency, quality, sustainability, addresses the current challenges and offers reduced production times, cost savings, and environmental benefits.

Attendees are invited to visit CRON’s booth for live demonstrations, detailed product discussions, and to learn how CRON can assist in achieving their operational goals.

Drupa 2024 is set to be an essential event for professionals in the printing and media industries, offering insights into the latest technologies and market trends. [Company Name] looks forward to contributing to the vibrant exchange of ideas and to forging new and lasting connections during the fair.

For more information about CRON-Hangzhou Cron Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd., and its offerings at Drupa 2024, contact our local Dynagraph representative.


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