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Boosting Efficiency: Kongsberg PCS Technology Transforms Short Run and Sample Production

Attendees at this year's IndiaCorr Expo are in for a transformative experience as they witness the extraordinary power, precision, and performance of Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems, coupled with innovative tooling and software, in action.

The Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) team is all set to showcase the versatility of its X24 Edge cutting table at India's premier event for the corrugated and protective packaging industry. "With its remarkable production speed, exceptional cutting quality, and scalability as your business grows, the X24 Edge embodies the tried-and-true Kongsberg productivity, flexibility, and unrivaled reliability," said Rafiq Shaikh, Sales and Service Leader for Kongsberg PCS.

"The Kongsberg X24 Edge offers multiple speeds to cater to varying price and performance needs. It effortlessly handles the entire spectrum of recycled corrugated boards, from microflute to 3A, as well as materials like honeycomb, foam, and more," he added. "There's no compromise on machine configuration, with all X-Series options available. Equipped with a range of specialty tools, this cutting table conquers a wide array of applications, delivering speed, power, and the adaptability to incorporate new tools for different materials, applications, or increased capacity.

"Most importantly, the X Edge is future-proof, capable of evolving to meet the evolving demands of any business, allowing converters to scale up and explore new market segments," Rafiq emphasized.

From September 28-30, Rafiq and the Kongsberg team will be at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, participating in the region's most influential and only dedicated large-scale B2B event for the corrugated packaging and carton box making industry. "We'll demonstrate how, when paired with the X24 Edge, the PowerHead tool enables users to crease, V-notch, and cut straight lines at high speeds, with a variety of adapters ensuring superior performance even on heavy-duty materials," Rafiq noted. "The 150mm diameter crease wheels provide a scoring pressure equivalent to 50kg, two-and-a-half times more than traditional tool stations, and perfectly suitable for creasing triple and double-wall corrugated with heavy liners.

"But that's not all. The PowerHead tool also includes two regular tool positions, allowing the use of all standard insert tools. IndiaCorr visitors will witness how the large-size wheels deliver superior crease quality on recycled corrugated board, thanks to the ability to apply higher pressure without cracking the liner. The HDU can handle V-notch cutting, mitered corners, and exceptionally precise folds for pallet loading, container cushioning, and paper core board displays."

Rafiq added that the cutting system would be complemented by the Kongsberg Multi-Purpose High-Frequency Knife (MPHF), a reciprocating knife tool designed for cutting a broad range of materials. "The MPHF operates at a frequency of 12,000 strokes per minute, with an amplitude of 1.2mm, allowing for a reduced cutting speed compared to standard reciprocating knife tools," Rafiq elaborated. "Coupled with its robust motor, this enables exceptional cutting of heavily recycled board at an efficient pace, a key requirement for today's customers."

To witness how the Kongsberg X24 Edge, PowerHead tool, and Multi-Purpose High-Frequency Knife can revolutionize your short-run and sample making processes, visit the Kongsberg PCS team at Stand B5 in Hall 1 at this year's IndiaCorr Expo, taking place from September 28-30, 2023.


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