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Around the World with Mark Andy Hybrid Solutions: Customer Experiences, Benefits from Implementation

Updated: Mar 10

Label printers worldwide have already noticed those global trends and invested in Mark Andy's hybrid technology or have started considering its implementation. Current users of hybrid presses point out many benefits from this kind of investment, while other printers still wait for the appropriate time to implement it. There's an increasing demand for this configuration of presses as they bring many benefits for their users.

Printing Small Jobs Can Be Profitable!

Next Label and Ji Sung from South Korea are the first printers in Asia to use digital technology for short- and mid-run production. Next Label uses a toner-based Digital Pro 3 hybrid press from Mark Andy, while Ji Sung opts for an inkjet-based hybrid Digital Series HD. MD Labels is currently the only Polish printer operating on two hybrid presses from Mark Andy. US-based Pro Label was the first user of the Digital Series iQ press worldwide. Century Printing & Packaging (CP&P), an early adopter of the Mark Andy Digital One press, has recently purchased a Digital Series IQ.

Printing And Converting in One Pass – Faster, Better, Efficient and Comfortable

The Polish-based Arti-Bau company has become the first European user of Digital Series hybrid press. In 2022, when the printer moved to a new headquarters, it was replaced by Digital Series HD. The flexo element provides added value in terms of coatings, varnishes, metallic colors, and a variety of finishing options. Doug Thielen, VP Sales of Pro Label: It's the best of both worlds. It's the combination of digital print technology with inline converting in one hybrid machine.

Comprehensiveness Of Hybrids: A Wide Range of Substrates, VDP Printing, Versioning

Digital Series HD from Mark Andy enables profitable production of personalized or versioned products. It allows a wide range of substrates for efficient manufacturing of labels in VDP or versioning modes. The South Korean market is increasingly conscious of the many advantages and opportunities of hybrid technology, mainly in context of printing small and middle jobs, as well as VDP and versioning of the same product.

High Quality and Color Stability of Hybrid Printing

Digital Series HD offers very good parameters of digital printing in terms of resolution and color gamut. Double configuration of printheads results in optimum balance between 2×600 dpi resolution and press stability. Around 85% of CP&P's work is straight repeat, so color consistency is vital. With no experience of fading or rub-off, there is seldom a need to apply lacquer or lamination to obtain a high-quality finish.

Reduction Of Waste, Energy, Time, and Costs Tied with Job Approval

Andy's Digital Series iQ press allows for 50% waste reduction for small and mid-series, as well as measurable savings at the step of design approval. Piotr Skalecki of Essentra Packaging: Nowadays we can use one piece of a web to prepare several versions of a particular label, reducing material usage by 75-80%. Digital Series HD needs approximately 50% of energy power required by a typical flexo press.


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