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APEX3R Takes Center Stage as KONGSBERG PCS Unveils New Multicam Demo Center

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Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems, known as Kongsberg PCS, has unveiled a captivating addition to its headquarters in Belgium—a state-of-the-art customer experience center dedicated exclusively to its remarkable MultiCam range of advanced routing and CNC cutting systems.

This groundbreaking move positions Kongsberg PCS as the world's first diversified provider of digital finishing and CNC cutting systems. At the heart of this new demonstration hub sits the flagship MultiCam Apex3R, a CNC Router that stands as a testament to innovation, versatility, and performance.

Radiating with precision and power, the Apex3R emerges as the star attraction in this unveiling. Chris Rogers, the International Sales Manager at Kongsberg PCS, articulates, "The Apex3R sets a new standard for routing capabilities by artfully balancing performance and precision." The strategic unveiling takes place adjacent to Kongsberg's existing customer experience center, underscoring their dedication to demonstrating not just the technical prowess of MultiCam machines, but also their role in streamlining automation.

Bolstering the significance of this innovation, the Apex3R boasts spindle speeds ranging from 5.5 to 13.4 HP, enabling it to effortlessly carve through an impressive array of materials, from plastic and aluminum to wood, high-density foam, and composite materials. The CNC machine's foundation is a meticulously crafted, stress-relieved 9.5mm steel tube frame, milled in-house with meticulous precision within 25 microns. This construction guarantees unparalleled perpendicular and parallel cuts, reducing vibrations and enhancing routing quality.

Chris underscores the integral Operator Station interface, a standard inclusion that ensures businesses can seamlessly transition to routing without workflow interruptions. Complementing this is a three-axis motion control system, a testament to Kongsberg PCS's commitment to providing precision and quality cutting.

This unveiling represents a pivotal chapter in Kongsberg PCS's planned expansion, propelling the MultiCam brand further into the European market following its acquisition in late 2021.

Chris shares his enthusiasm, noting, "The MultiCam CNC cutting systems open up an extensive realm for Kongsberg PCS, catering to diverse sectors such as sign making, digital finishing, aerospace, automotive, hardwoods, cabinet making, thermoform trimming, and plastics fabrication."

As the curtains rise on this new demo center, it serves as a dynamic platform to showcase how MultiCam redefines innovation across various industries and applications. The Apex3R takes the lead, symbolizing an exciting journey ahead for Kongsberg PCS and its pioneering solutions.

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