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AON3D Doubles High Temperature 3D Printer Output with Duplication Mode

AON3D recently announced the AON M2+ High Temperature Industrial 3D printer will be receiving an optional firmware upgrade that enables Duplication Mode and Mirror Mode 3D printing. This powerful new feature will double the output of new and existing M2+ machines that meet the growing demands of factory floors. Compared to any other high temperature 3D printer, the AON M2+ has ungated access to advanced thermoplastics, largest build volume, and features that minimise post processing. All of these things are what make this agile manufacturing solution so popular with companies worldwide - capable of producing functional end-use parts in half the time.

The M2+ machine can produce two copies of the same part or two mirror-images simultaneously through the use of Independent Dual Extrusion. The IDEX system also provides increased design freedom and has the ability to print large internal geometries and non linear holed with liquid soluble support, which reduces our post processing responsibilities.

The AON M2+ is unlike other 3D printers will make it twice the size, output twice as much, and offer more material options than any high temperature 3D printer on the market. This firmware upgrade is expected to be available by fall this year for existing AON M2+ customers. To learn more about the big improvements, and high-performance material upgrades visit us here.

For more information on AON3D solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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