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AON3D Debuts AON M2+ Printer to Fabricate High Performance End Use Parts

Manufacturers of 3D printers AON 3D, based in Canada, recently unveiled the AON M2+ high temperature industrial 3D printer. With the greatest sub-$100k actively heated build volume in the industry and an open material ecosystem, AON3D gives companies of all sizes access to full-scale and useful 3D printing. According to Kevin Han, CEO of AON3D, "End-use part qualities dictate how firms can benefit from 3D printing." Our team of material scientists created the AON M2+ to fully utilise existing and emerging cost-effective thermoplastics, carbon fiber composites, and high performance polymers like PEEK, PEKK, and ULTEM.

AON3D produces 3D printers to address the drawbacks of conventional industrial 3D printer configurations, such as low build volume, high cost, or lack of material possibilities. Without compromising on hardware quality, the AON M2+ gives mid-market customers high end functionality and sophisticated material possibilities. Unrestricted end-use printing alternatives are made possible by dual independent extruders (500°C), a sizeable actively heated build chamber (450x450x640 mm), adjustable process parameters, and unrestricted access to hundreds of material options. Materials with a better strength-to-weight ratio than aluminum, resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbons, biocompatibility and sterilizability, temperature resistance above 250°C, and other qualities can be printed with the AON M2+.

The projects are being led by materials and final part qualities, according to AON3D Chief Product Officer Randeep Singh. "Our goal is to open AM applications across value chains and beyond merely prototyping."

For more information on AON3D solution, please contact your local Dynagraph representative.

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