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9 Ways to Speed Up Signage Production Without Compromising Quality!

Kongsberg cutting tables come with a wide array of tools to handle the diverse range of materials used in signage production.

From small to wide format jobs, from flexible to rigid materials, Kongsberg cutting tables handle everything with precision and speed, helping you produce high quality results.

A Powerful Cutting Table

Speed and Power on Demanding Materials

The Kongsberg cutitng table offer raw strength required to process even the most rugged materials at high - production speeds, without slowing down or compromising finishing quality.


The Kongsberg cutting tables offer the highest versatility for all signs, display and packaging applications. Working with just about any substrate, from thin flexibles, to foam, to fluted materials, to rigid boards.

Produce 24/7

A rock solid machine capable of non stop automated production.

Intuitive Operation

The I-Cut Production Console is an easy to use front end to operate and manage the Kongsberg Digital Finishing Systems.

Produce at High Speeds: With the Rigid Material Knife Tool

The Rigid Material Knife Tool is a static knife tool for cutting a wide range of materials at high speed. There is a large selection of knife blades available that makes it possible to cut everything from light weight detailed work to heavy rigid board, such as plastic foamed PVC 3 mm (3/32").

The Rigid Material Knife Tool makes short work of jobs on flexible plastic sheets, foamed PVC (up to 3 mm or 3/32"), triple wall corrugated plastic, cardboard, display board, vinyl, PVC banner.

Cut Textile Materials: With the RotaCut Tool

The RotaCut Tool is specifically developed for cutting textiles, canvas, mesh and other air transparent materials.

Since most textiles are more or less air transparent, the vacuum hold-down system of the table will not be effective when cutting such materials. The RotaCut Tool has been designed with this in mind.

Use the RotaCut to produce jobs on textiles, banner material, canvas, mesh, carpet.

High Powered Miling: With the 3 KW Spindle

The powerful Kongsberg 3 KW spindle offers high speed milling, contour cutting,

routing, drilling and engraving. Make short work of routing jobs on a wide range of materials such as foamed PVS, solid PVC/PS, accrylic, aluminium composite material (ACM), MDF, wood.

The powerful Kongsberg 3 KW spindle offers fast rates, which considerably widens the bottlesneck that routing jobs often present. The spindle features a 3 KW of milling power and speeds up to 60,000 RPM. It is liquid cooled in order to utilise its full potential.

LubriCool is an option to cool the milling bit anf lubricates the routing process. It results in significantly higher productivity and extends the life lengths of the milling hits for materials such as Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and some aluminum alloys.

Excel in Details: With the Psaligraphy Tool

The Psaligraphy Knife Tool is specifically developed for fine details in thin materials like paper and folding carton. The Psaligraphy Knife cuts out intricate details without lifitng, moving or tearing the material.

This tool is typically used for applications like greeting cards, invitation cards, promotional items, folding carton samples and psaligraphy art.

Unlock Signs: With the Braille Tool

The Braille Tool enables the application of raised dots used in braille, the tactile writing system people that are blind or visually impaired. Various government regulations make this tool necessary thoughout the world.

The Braille Tool inserts spheres into predrilled holes in rigid materials like foamed PVC. PS, acrylic, ACM. There's a range of different spheres available.

Detect Registration Marks Automatically

The Kongsberg cutting table can be outfitted with high definition cameras that automatically detect registration marks, materials edges and QR codes.

These cameras are perfect for the production of printed materials. The Underside Camera even makes it possible to produce jobs with the printed side faced down!

Speed Up Production: With the Roll Feeder & Take-Up UNIT

The Kongsberg cutting tables with a conveyor belt can be outfitted with a Roll Feeder and a Take Up Unit for roll based materials. A new tension system on the conveyor brings perfect material feeding and minimises side tracking.

Motorised Roll Feeder

The Motorised Roll Feeder is your ticket to continuous production of high volumes of wide format soft signage jobs. Innovate features work together to achieve the perfect final cut, even on challenging and tensile substrates.

Take Up Unit for Flexible Materials

The Kongsberg Take Up Unit for flexible materials makes roll-to-roll workflows easier. The unit makes finishing digitally printed jobs on rolls, and collecting waste, very straightforward. the Take Up Unit is simple to install for any Kongsberg table equipped with conveyor feed system. the unit is hassle free to operate and can easily be moved away when its not needed.

Worldwide Service: Right Around the Corner

When you invest in a Kongsberg table you can expect the highest level of service in the market.

Our highly experienced engineers and a network of certified service partners are dedicated to maintaining production uptime, wherever you are located.

For more information on KONSGBERG CUTTING TABLE, please contact our local Dynagraph representative.

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