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7 Reasons to Work with an Esko Flexo Platemaking Workflow

  • Ease of use

  • Plate independent

  • All sizes and all applications

  • A complete flexo solution

  • Modular & scalable

  • Superior support

  • A proven track record of flexo innovation

Ease of Use: Simplified Plate Making

Removing Manual Steps

Many intricate and manual stages are involved in the production of flexo plates. This not only takes time, but it also leaves room for human error.

The CDI Crystal from Esko is the easiest flexo imager to use. When combined with the XPS Crystal UV unit, it transforms flexo plate creation into a coordinated, automated, and linear process.

LED UV Exposure Improve Consistency

Consistency is improved bby combining digital imaging with LED UV exposure.

The production of highly consistent digital flexo plates is achieved by simultaneous and properly controlled UV main and back exposure.

The CDI Crystal XPS Drastically Reduces

  • Operator intervention time by 73%

  • Errors 50% less plate waste

  • Manual steps by 50%

Be Independent: Work with Any Kind of Flexo Plate

Choosing a CDI flexo imager allows you to work with any digital flexo plate and plate vendor of your choosing.

No Lock-In

Regardless of the brand of flexo plate used, the CDI provides the quality of your application requires.

This flexibility provides for more cost-effective production: you select the plates that are the best suited to your application.

All Sizes and All Applications

You can select and configure an Esko CDI imager to meet your current production requirements and enhance capabilities as your company grows. You'll always be prepared for the future this way.

The CDI can fit all plate sizes, from small web labels to ultra broad corrugated sheets.

By the way, only an Esko CDI can image flexo sleeves of any size.

A Complete Flexo Solution: from Prepress to Plate Cutting

The hardware is only as good as the files being imaged. That is why Esko has developed flexo prepress software based on years of experience.

Prepress editors for Mac and PC assist you in preparing package and label jobs for printing.

Adobe® Photoshop® plug-ins enable you to visualize flexo plates on screen, verify high-light breaks, avoid scum spots, and automatically fix photos for flexo.

By assisting businesses with autonomous plate cutting, Esko's Digital Flexo Suite offers significant cost reductions. It reduces waste and makes plate mounting much easier and more precise.

Esko provides a comprehensive set of skilled prepress tools for flexo solutions. From simple PDF editing to project management and process automation, we've got you covered.

A Complete Flexo Solution: take Control of the Plate Room

Powerful Automation

Esko's Automation Engine provides everything the prepress department requires. The automat-ed flexo platemaking module follows a fully automated workflow, preparing. LEN files for plate production without the need for human interaction.

The Platemaking module eliminates the need to crop and extend manually. It not only adds LEN files, but also QC files and cutting paths for non-staggered files, which can be immediately sent to the Kongsberg cutting table.

The PrePress Department in the Driver’s Seat

With Device Manager, the prepress department has all the information it needs to prioritize and arrange plate making queues so that the proper plate is produced at the right time.

  • Plate complexity has been reduced to make room.

  • Transparent and controlled production planning

  • Simplified reporting and analytics

A Proven Track Record of Flexo Innovation

Esko is unquestionably the global market leader in digital flexo imaging. Esko's flexo solutions continue to develop by raising the bar for flexographic print quality.

Production of flexo plates has never been easier. Esko is also the only independent expert who covers the complete spectrum of flexo platemaking.

All brands of digital plates and sleeves used in the industry are compatible with Esko flexo plate production systems. A global service staff of over 500 people helps to optimize customer processes and ensure maximum uptime.

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