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7 Reasons to Consider Custom Printed Stand-Up Pouches

Customer perception, convenience, and even whether a potential customer will give a brand a try can all be impacted by product packaging. Here are some reasons why stand-up or self-standing pouches are a preferred method of product packaging.

Why Stand-up Pouches?

Anyone who has been in a grocery store recently may have noticed that everything from applesauce to beef broth has gotten a pouch makeover. Flexible packaging is gaining steam in the packaging industry because it’s resealable, features a sleek design, provides a sense of novelty, and stores in pantries more effectively.

Some possible applications for custom printed pouches include: dried fruits and nuts, chocolate and candy, protein and supplement powders, gourmet pet treats, potpourri, cannabis edibles, baby food or pureed fruits or vegetables, and broth, bouillon, or soups.

Flexible packaging and stand-up pouches with bespoke printing have countless uses, and new ones are always emerging.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging

For product launches or repackaging operations, using personalized pouches has a number of advantages, from affordability to convenience.

  1. Faster times to market. Flexible packaging like pouches, which is printed, has a quicker time to market than other types of printed packaging. Roll film lead times typically range from 7 to 14 days, whereas converted package lead times range from 12 to 20 days (keep in mind that these may vary depending on changes in the supply chain).

  2. Stand-up pouches are perfect for limited-edition or short-run products because they have a lower minimum order quantity.

  3. High-quality printing. Pouches from Century Label are guaranteed to have high-definition quality, perfect color management, and flawless registration.

  4. They are economical. Flexible packaging may be printed on demand and save money on plate costs, which eliminates waste and extra inventory.

  5. They can be altered. Targeting any specialized population or promotional opportunity is simple with different packaging designs.

  6. They are resilient. Flexible pouch printing has a less detrimental effect on the environment than other conventional printing and packaging methods.

  7. They're in style. Because they are practical and simple to store, consumers are attracted to pouches naturally. Expect to see even more products arriving on store shelves in pouches as businesses start to recognize their market appeal.

Flexible packaging pouches can be the ideal solution, whether you're getting ready for a small batch of a product or just want to repackage your products. Pouches have countless uses, from fruit to laundry detergent, and are high-quality, long-lasting, and simple for customers to store.

For more information on our pouching and flexible packaging programs, contact us today!

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