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HP Latex 800 +800w (now available with white ink)


The new generation 800 series latex printers cure at lower temperatures, use less power, are faster, have longer lasting printheads and give a more vibrant print with a larger color gamut than the previous latex series printers

The 800 model comes with bulk ink system which significantly reduces the cost per square meter of print and includes enough additional ink with the printer to produce your first 2,500sqm of print before you need to purchase more.

The 800w option includes white ink which is the whitest ink and with latex being water based you avoid many of the problems seen with white inks on UV printers.

1.6m latex, roll to roll printer


HP latex heads with nozzle monitoring system to ensure 100% accurate printing all the time.


110sqm per hour in draft draft-distance view mode,
36sqm/h in outdoor mode
28sqm/h Outdoor plus mode
25sqm/h in indoor mode.


Versatile inks able to print to a large number of different substrates including vinyl, films, wallpapers and fabrics.

Water Based inks with low VOC’s and Eccologo, Green Guard and greenmark certification ensures in is safe to use in all environments even schools and hospitals.

Non-combustible and non-flammable give high fire ratings when used with fr media.

Indoor and outdoor life on one printer, up to 4 years outdoor in Middle East when used with UV laminate.

Scratch resistant finish means many prints do not need lamination and instant dry means you can install your prints immediately when printed.

Smart printheads and a wide range of sensors and automatic functions ensure the printer is easy to use and delivers the same consistent results everytime.

The HP ecosystem with many free software options included like HP signage suite, Print OS and Wallart.

In built spectrophotometer

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About HP Latex

HP latex technology is a high quality printing solution for vinyls, papers, fabrics and films which uses a non flammable and non combustible water based ink which delivers indoor and outdoor durability.

Low VOC's and greenguard and ecologo certifications make it the ideal technology for indoor prints in even the most sensitive environments like schools and hospitals.

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