5m UV, led curing industrial Hybrid printer for direct to panel and roll to roll printing


2 options available:
Kyocera, Kj4a, 3.5 picoliter variable greyscale heads or Konika Minolta KM 10241 6 picoliter greyscale heads


Speed Kyocera Head Option:
Up to 230sqm per hour in 2 pass draft-distance view mode,
Up to 150sqm/h in 4 pass production mode
Up to 95sqm/h in 6 pass quality-backlit mode

Speed Konica Minolta Head Option:
Up to 90sqm per hour in 2 pass draft-distance view mode,
Up to 60sqm/h in 4 pass production mode
Up to 36sqm/h in 6 pass quality-backlit mode


Vacuum belt conveyer table
X axis high speed lineal motor.

Advanced water cooling led lamps for low heat.

X axis metal raster for long life accurate movement.

Water cooled table to avoid media deforming.

Anti-Crash protection and status indicator.

Multi rigid panel feeding and printing.

In line lightbox to check backlit prints while printing.

About Docan

Docan is Asia's largest producer of industrial uv printers.

All printers are built to European CE certifications sourcing the best and most reliable components from around the world which translates to greater reliability, performance and a longer life than the budget Asian competitors.

Docan uses the world's best components sourced from Europe and Japan at a price point above budget brands, but given Docan sells around 1,000 units per year and the closest budget competitor is under 500 the market clearly sees the value Docan represents.

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