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HP Multi-Jet Fusion

HP Multi Jet Fusion technology enables the production of functional parts, up to 10 times faster at the lowest cost and with no trade-offs in the process.

With their innovative multiple build units, HP MJF printers allow for continuous production with almost seamless transitions between build units to ensure the printer can work at its full capacity.

Jet Fusion 5200

Capable of printing highly reusable functional and final parts from Nylon, TPU and PP.  The 5200 Series is the best in class for economics and productivity making it ideal for production facilities.

5200 materials:

- PA 11  -  PA 12  - PA12 Glass Beads  -  PP (BASF)  -  BASF Ultrasint® TPU01

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Jet Fusion 4200/4210

Capable of printing strong and ductile parts from Nylon and TPU.  The 4200 Series boasts superior and consistent part quality.

4200/4210 materials:

- PA 11  -  PA 12  - PA12 Glass Beads  -  ESTANE® 3D TPU M95A


Jet Fusion 540/580

Print in full CMYK colour. The 580 prints using PA 12 Nylon and is capable of print parts in white or any other colour you choose. Ideal for printing concept designs with images and logos printed right into the structure.

540/580 material:

- CB PA 1213


HP Materials