Varioman b:line - Manroland Goss

Flexible book printing productions.

Looking for book printing solutions for small to medium batch sizes? The VARIOMAN b:line with its variable-cut offset printing units in combination with a fully variable folding system is the right choice for you!

Thanks to the innovative concept of the VARIOMAN packaging presses, the VARIOMAN b:line benefits from low ink costs, fast production changeover times and high output. This guarantees economical production.

Unlike web-based book printing presses, the VARIOMAN b:line has flexible cylinder circumferences. Paired with endless roll processing, the sleeve cylinder technology offers almost infinitely variable format ranges. Like that printing products in a wide range of formats can be optimally utilized and printed with as little waste as possible.

The VARIOMAN b:line produces in combination with the manroland Goss Formerline – the flexible print finishing solution for book production – much more flexibly than standard book printing presses and even with smaller batch sizes it is still cheaper than digital printing.

Features & Advantages:
• For 30-120 g/m2 paper
• Almost infinitely variable format ranges.
• Low ink costs
• Fast changeover times for economical production
• High output
• High printing quality
• Max. web width: 850, 1080 and 1300 mm
• Maximum speed: 400 m/min

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