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Rotoman S - Manroland Goss

Pump up your volume.

For magazine and catalog printers, the ROTOMAN S is an attractive choice for the production of high-volume jobs with a limited number of pages. At a speed of 90,000 cylinder revolutions per hour, combination folders and pinless former folders deliver an effortless performance.

Features & Advantages:
• Blanket cylinders with a double circumference
• Very small print free area
• Perfect folds
• Greatest diversity of products
• Number of pages: 24/32
• Max. revolutions/hour: 90,000
• Cylinder circumference : 546 – 630/546 – 620 (mm). 21 - 25/21 - 24 (inch)
• Max. web width: 1,460/1,830 mm. 57/72 inch
• Optional additional equipment (examples): PECOM-X webbing-up device, InlineDensity Control, diverse configurations (single-web or two-web)

HP Latex L365-01.jpg
HP Latex L365-01.jpg

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