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Roland HiPrint 0B Format - Manroland

The ROLAND 500 offers the world’s flattest sheet travel and even with substrates up to 1 mm thick and speeds of up to 18,000 sheets per hour it delivers outstanding printing quality.

Three different height settings for the transferter gripper bars allow sheets from 0.04 mm to 1 mm to be transported through the press gently and virtually contact-free over the air tracks.

With its ability to process a greater variety of substrate thicknesses, the ROLAND 500 can handle the work of two machines dedicated for paper and board respectively.

A wide range of optional Manroland applications including InlineCoater with automated plate tensioning, InlineFoiler and InlinePerfector allow for a wider range of jobs with higher quality finishes and enables print companies to position themselves at the top end of their market.

Technical Specifications:

Speed: Straight: 16.000 sph / 18.000 sph
Perfecting: 15.000 sph

0B Formats: Sheet format: 530 mm x 740 mm
Print format: 520 mm x 735 mm
Plate format: 605 mm x 745 mm

0B Plus Formats: Sheet Format: 590 mm x 740 mm
Print format: 580 mm x 740 mm

Stock thickness-

Straight printing: 0,06 mm to 0,6 mm
0.04 mm to 1.0 mm*

Perfecting printing: 0,06 mm to 0,6 mm

HP Latex L365-01.jpg
HP Latex L365-01.jpg

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