Lamina - Folder Gluer

Automatic Non-Stop Folder Gluer

The Lamina Folder Gluer is a very compact and effective fully automatic folder gluer. The machine is equipped with a non-stop suction belt feeder and a variety of guides and belts to handle standard one-point glued boxes or three-point glued crash lock boxes.

Machine Sizes:
1105 Folder Gluer
1110 Folder Gluer
1116 Folder Gluer
1405 Folder Gluer
1410 Folder Gluer
1416 Folder Gluer
1805 Folder Gluer
1810 Folder Gluer
1816 Folder Gluer
2205 Folder Gluer
2210 Folder Gluer
2216 Folder Gluer

Sheet Sizes:-
Max Width: 1100 mm to 1600 mm
Max Length: 500 mm to 1600 mm

Sheet feeder:-
Thickness: 1 to 4 mm (for crash lock boxes)
Thickness: 1 to 6 mm (for standard boxes)

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