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Kolbus - AutoBox AB300

The AutoBox is, quite simply, the most advanced box making machine available today. If you’re looking for a fully customizable, user-friendly and efficient box making machine, the AutoBox is what you need. It provides both short and medium run solutions, making it perfect for small businesses to large. It provides the ultimate tools for customization and flexibility, even allowing for switches in box style half way through a programme.

The AutoBox can:
• Produce over 100 box styles including 0411, partitions, trays, 0201, pallet boxes and more
• Work at speeds of up to 1,200 boxes/hour
• Use 25% of the energy of conventional machines
• Be fully auto-set via the interactive touch screen
• Make blank widths from 100mm/4" to 2600mm/102" x unlimited length
• Run all type of corrugated board from single through to heavy duty double wall. Optional Heavy Duty Pack available for running Triple/Triwall Board
• Even run Corrugated plastics!

A high grip friction feeder running across the width of the machine allowing for faster box making.

This module further improves flexibility and boosts profitability by virtually doubling the box styles it’s possible to produce. Now you can produce boxes from stock board, remove glue tabs, make extra creases and create windows.

- Adds over 100 box styles to your capability
- Cuts stock board to length & width
- Wheel option: Double Scoring, Perforating, Male female crease
- Multi Out option: Produce two or even three boxes side by side
- Die-cutting: Add even more box styles to the list

Digital-Print DP300
The Digital-Print module offers fully integrated, single colour print, inline. This superbly engineered addition uses a system of up to four individual, motorised self cleaning print heads to deliver all manner of print requirements. Printing is programmed via the touch Screeninterface as part of the box making setup.
Integrated inline solution
• 280 mm print head
• High resolution print - 360dpi
• Make and print up to Jumbo sized boxes in a single pass
• Oil based ink

Digi-Lite DL300
The Digi-Lite option offers excellent entry level single colour inline digital print. This free standing module is simply rolled into position at the rear of the AutoBox. Artwork can be input via the USB port and then set up using the touch screen interface. A manual solution with high speed print, capable of handling many print requirements, such as logos, barcodes and handling instructions.
• 70mm print head as standard
• Simple set up
• Quick cure ink
• High resolution print - 180dpi
• Highly cost effective solution for basic inline digital print
• Suitable for coding and marking

Flexo-Print FP300
High quality, inline, longer run, offset single colour print module
integrates either with a standalone AutoBox box making machine or with the combined AutoBox / Multi-Cut line
enabling print to be easily added to medium or short run box orders.
• Servo controlled for excellent accuracy and image quality
• Repeatable print size of up to 990 mm x 1120 mm

Auto-Feed AF300
For use with the AutoBOX, large stock or cut to size blanks can be automatically fed, eliminating the need for machine operators to handle large and awkward sheets.
Speed things up with the Auto-Feed scissor lift table and overhead feeding system
• Fully automatic
• Handles sheet of up to 2600 mm x 6000 mm

Auto-Stack AS300
For use with the Kolbus AutoBox or Multi-Cut, box blanks of any size can be automatically stacked onto pallets for easy removal for finishing.
Simple, effective blank stacking system
• Automatically separates boxes from waste
• Delivers boxes in neat piles onto pallets
• Handles sheet of up to 2600 mm x 3000 mm

HP Latex L365-01.jpg
HP Latex L365-01.jpg

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