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Functional Prototyping

Go beyond the look and feel, and assess factors such as usability, ergonomics, manufacturability, and materials testing.
Test Various Materials in Real-World Environments. Choose from the broad range of materials and see how they perform under the thermal, chemical, and mechanical stresses of everyday product use.

Explore Manufacturing Processes

You can determine part weight, assembly process, and overall manufacturability.
Eliminate time-consuming and costly tooling from your specifications, we will produce a real-world part the same day or within days, instead of months.


Functional Prototypes

3D printed functional prototypes enable real-world product development and testing to take place before costly investments in production tooling. These realistic prototypes can take on the appearance of your final finished product, including colour and material selection. Manufacturing processes can be explored using functional prototypes to determine part weight, assembly process, and overall manufacturability.
Concept Modeling.

Functional prototyping and concept modeling give design and engineering teams the ability to view and test products in real-world environments. A finished 3D printed concept model helps communicate ideas that transform digital CAD files on a screen into final products for user testing, design verification, or product design iterations. 

3D printed concept models help bridge the gap between rapid prototyping of simple designs and final production design. Concept models allow ideas to be communicated to broader teams for approval, design revisions, or marketing purposes.

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