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Klieverik GTC 101-3500


Industrial wide transfer and fixation belt calendar recommended for Fabrivu 340. Working width 3.2m.

Kleverik calenders precisely control the critical variables of temperature, pressure and web handling during the dye sublimation process.

Fixate direct printed dye sublimation fabrics or transfer from dye sublimation printed papers to fabrics with fixation.

Thermal oil is used in the drums to regulate and accurately maintain the drums surface temperature.

Expansion vessel for the oil which expands up tp 20% ensures the drum is always 100% full of oil. This design, in junction with the circulation of the oil within the drum means no colour output differences over the width of the material even after years of use.

Longest belt in the industry and a specialized PIDtm sterring system minimizes lateral movement of the belt for high quality and long life.

Klieverik GTC 101-3500

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