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Fotoba XLD 170


1.6m roll to roll cutting machine.

The XLD is the most flexible of all FOTOBA cutters. Designed to work with both ROLLS and SHEETS, it is the perfect solution to trim all the flexible media output up to 1,7 mt.

Regardless of any feed misalignment, the XLD 170 will automatically re-align itself to the edge of the printed image. If the printer fails to print parallel to the media edge, or if the printer fails to wind up the roll squarely, the XLD170 True Edge Tracking always produces perfectly squared posters.

The XLD 170 cutters can handle most flexible media up to a maximum thickness of 0,8mm (32ml) including polycarbonate, photo paper, vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, PVC, film, duratrans, TDF, canvas, laminated or encapsulated prints and much more.

In the 1.6m size it is available as the base machine, high speed and wallpaper unit.

INLINE CUTTING: The XLD series can be set in line to any printer by means of a pneumatically controlled buffer. While the printer is plotting, the buffer accumulates the media controlling the action of the cutter. It is available for all XLD cutters independently from speed and width. With this device it is possible to reduce the workflow to a single process. The file is sent to the printer and the job is ready for delivery right after.

Fotoba  XLD 170

All Fotoba equipment is built to industrial quality in their Italian facility and has the reputation as the most reliable and long lasting large format.

Founded in 1974, their core business is automatic devices mainly applied to the wide format finishing world.

Production ranges from small prints to super wide format handling.
Several patented ideas distinguish the Fotoba: Digitrim, XLD Series and Multi Cutter range.

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