XLD 170 Detail 01.jpg
Fotoba Digitrim 1600mm


Digitrim is a unique X/Y cutting system. Its main feature is the is ability to sense cut marks placed between multiple digital images, printed or exposed simultaneously on single pages of digital media. Paper alignment is automatically set by cut marks. You only have to introduce your sheet of multiple images twice to obtain perfectly square prints.

Most printing devices have the capability to create Cut Marks automatically. In case this option is not available, each Digitrim can be supplied as an option with TrimManager, the Rip software that nests, clones and paginates automatically different images on the same web. You can download it from our RIP Support page.


All Fotoba equipment is built to industrial quality in their Italian facility and has the reputation as the most reliable and long lasting large format.

Founded in 1974, their core business is automatic devices mainly applied to the wide format finishing world.

Production ranges from small prints to super wide format handling.
Several patented ideas distinguish the Fotoba: Digitrim, XLD Series and Multi Cutter range.

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