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AON3D is more than an industrial 3D printer manufacturer: they offer the affordable advanced additive platform that unlocks more applications with the widest range of materials, as well as full-cycle solutions that get you from 3D model to final part.

AON - M2+

Capable of printing High-temperature Thermoplastics. This means stronger more functional parts with a high weight to strength ratio. The AON M2+ raises the bar for FDM/ FFF 3D printing and opens the door to functional parts for new engineering industries.

The M2 can print in standard FDM materials such as PLA, ABS, PETG and Nylon. However, its high-temperature extruder and build volume management also mean it is capable of printing PEEK, PEKK and ULTEM 9085.

AON-M2 Industrial 3D Printer.jpg


Aerospace, Automotive, Defence:
• High strength-to-weight ratio 
  (superior to aluminium)
• Continuous use temperature above 300°C
• Self-extinguishing flame properties, with low smoke and toxicity
• Excellent out-gassing performance in vacuum (suitable for space-flight applications)

• High dielectric constant – excellent electrical insulation

Biomedical, Packaging:
• Biocompatible, radiolucent, food contact safe, sterilizable
• Extremely high wear resistance and lubricity

Oil & Gas:
• Highest resistance to hydrocarbons and chemical solvents of any thermoplastic

ULTEM™ 9085 (PEI)

• Meets FAR 25.853 and OSU 65/6 : Favourable flame, smoke and toxicity (FST)
characteristics, as well as UL94 V-0 Flammability safety rating.
• Excellent dimensional stability (low creep sensitivity and low, uniform coefficient of
thermal expansion) and highly reproducible part-to-part dimensions
• High thermal properties; (Tg) of 186°C

Oil & Gas, Electronics, Defence:
• Long-term hydrolytic stability
• Exceptional strength and modulus, even at elevated temperatures
• Good broad-range chemical resistance
• Stable dielectric constant and dissipation factor over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies

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