Sep 22, 2017

Soma Optima2 Flexographic press



Soma Engineering is planning open days on October 17 or 19, 2017, at Soma facilities in Lanskroun and will include a demonstration on the Soma Flex OPTIMA, and OPTIMA2 printing press, Venus III and Pluto III slitter rewinder, and Lamiflex E Laminator.


The design concept of Optima and Optima2 is to produce flexographic printing presses covering up to 90% of normal production. It is highly efficient rapid job change, with print consistency and reduction in running costs. Different features are available in the Optima2 model, the flying sleeves, to offer a reliable printing performance. The press equally features an automatic CI drum cleaning device that offers a consistent and clean printing outcome. Shaftless non-stop flying splice, can execute a machine speed reaching 500m/min.


The new generation VENUS III slitter rewinder is a top of the range, high performance, servo-driven machine that offers mid and wide web printers and converters maximum efficiency in slitting a wide range of substrates at high speed. The overhead web path between unwind and rewind unit is an innovative design feature that promotes a clean working environment. This feature permits entry into new market sectors such as the pharmaceutical and food packaging industries where stringent hygiene and clean room standards are in force.
Features include automatic knife positioning, automatic laser core positioning, intuitive touchscreen controls, improved splicing table, integrated unloading system, driven tilting stand, slit edge removal system, problematic edge cutting and minimum gap winding.


The PLUTO III slitter rewinder with integrated unwind unit offers mid and wide web printers and converters a cost-effective solution for slitting a wide range of substrates. High efficiency is achieved through shaft-less unwind, higher operating speeds, larger unwind and rewind roll diameters, enhanced operator friendly concept and powerful slit edge removal system. Rigid construction and automatic knife positioning complete a package of features normally only found on more expensive models.


LAMIFLEX E series can produce a wide range of flexible packaging products, including BOPP, PET, PE LDPE, OPA, Cast films, PP, AL foil or paper using solvent-free adhesives. It avoids solvent emission and eliminates the need for a heated drying tunnel and offers cost effective and cost saving solution, which also benefits the environment.


Come to visit Soma! The registration available on October 17 or 19, 2017 at Soma Globe - HQ, Husova 78, Lanskroun, 563 01, Czech Republic.


For more information about SOMA open house, do not hesitate to contact your closest Dynagraph partner.