Dalim Software


Founded more than twenty years ago, Dalim Software is a leader in the design and development of innovative, automated workflow and collaborative software for the publishing, print production across market segment and graphic arts industries. 

From their corporate headquarters in Kehl - Germany, Dalim offers efficient software solutions designed to ease and automate the processing of files prior to printing in order to maximize productivity and confidence and help to implement customized solutions.


The Dalim Software products (DALiM TWiST, DALiM LiTHO, DALiM DiALOGUE, DALiM PRiNTEMPO and DALiM MiSTRAL) are based on open systems and technologies like ICC, JDF, XML... They enable companies to implement scalable, internet-capable systems that provide clients with the highest level of interaction and personalization, contributing to enhance the quality standard.


Dalim’s products can be used independently, in conjunction with other vendors’ equipment, or as part of an integrated unified system optimizing jobs production and management as well as the effectiveness of communication from concept to delivery. Using standard hardware platforms and our unique object-oriented approach to software development, future solutions can be simply and efficiently incorporated.

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