The 1896 in the eastern Saxonian city of Bautzen, PERFECTA was found under the name "Bautzner Kartonagen-Maschinenfabrik" and manufactured its first bookbinding and auxiliary machines.

In addition to the production of these various pressing machines, by 1897 it had also begun producing the first cutting machine - the levercutting machine AH - and until 1936 it manufactured printing machines as well. The name Perfekta was first used for a cutting machine in 1909. This name was subsequently changed to PERFECTA in 1921. The world's largest cutter, with a cutting width of 400 cm, was sold in 1936. It retains is title as "world's biggest" still today.

In 1945, after World War II, reconstruction of the company began and it became known as Schneidemaschinenwerk PERFECTA in 1947. In 1972 PERFECTA and several other regional manufacturers of polygraphical machines were combined into a single nationally-owned trust named "Polygraph".

For many years, Polygraph was the only manufacturer that offered a complete range of polygraphical machines. In 1990, Germany was re-unified, and PERFECTA entered into the Western economy. Since then, PERFECTA has developed a new generation of machines, and today it is one of the most successful manufacturers of high-tech-machinery. In the European, American, and Asian markets, PERFECTA has earned a high reputation for quality and engineering.

It was one of the first manufacturers to receive German GS-certification, which is the highest rated certificate corresponding to the European safety standards. PERFECTA Schneidemaschinenwerk GmbH pledges profitability, quality in the cutting process, and the most modern technology due to its state-of-the-art electronics, touch screen operation, and High Security Cutting System








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