Since the company’s foundation in 1965 by Karl-Heinz Kallfaß, Kallfass engineers keep developing new solutions for film packaging and proudly look back on the pioneer work performed on this technology. The dense sales organization at home and abroad, with sales representatives in all economic centres worldwide, guarantees the close contact with the market. Nowadays, Kallfass is a professional full-range supplier for the most diversified requirements.
Packaging must be perfect, after all that’s what interests Kallfass customers. The fact that the result has to be just right applies not only to transport packaging, but equally to that used for display purposes. The requirements may differ however Kallfass meets them.

Ease of maintenance, good accessibility, lack of wear and tear – factors impacting decisively on technical reliability and cost of ownership levels. Kallfass knows how a packaging machine needs to be designed and uses only high-quality brand components. The functionality is thereby right, the availability is incomparably high and the quality is of course certified. And what is practically just as important – flexibility. This can be demonstrated when a format change can be carried out quickly without specialist staff, thus keeping our customers’ productivity at a high level on a daily basis.

Kallfass provides a wide product range of shrink packaging machines for all application areas, such as single packs, multi packs, display packaging or protective packaging.






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