Höcker Polytechnik


Since 1962 Höcker Polytechnik has been designing and manufacturing dust collection systems for small workshops and large industrial plants – from portable dust collection unit to huge central dust collection systems with airflows of more than 600,000 m3/hour.

More than 150 committed employees work in their headquarters in Hilter, Germany and in several national and international subsidiaries, sales offices and service centres.
Their experience – gained over many years of developing, building, installing and servicing systems for their customers – enables them to stay ahead. Always one idea ahead.
Höcker Polytechnik have designed, built and installed more than 40,000 systems – a convincing testimony of our expertise and creativity.

Their product range include shredder/ comminution plants, briquetting systems, separator / cyclone, waste compacting installations, energy efficiency systems, windshifting/ air ventilation systems, filter systems, suctionplants/ dedusting installations, paint mist extraction plants / surface technology, biomass/ wood scrap recycling.





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