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Dynagraph is the database on the internet website of Dynagraph for Printing Industry Sal which contains information on subsidiaries and branch offices member of the Dynagraph Group, the vendors they represent, and the products they promote and sell. Dynagraph for Printing Industry Sal set up this information portal to provide users of its website with a central overview of the companies and capabilities of the Dynagraph Group. We would like to point out that the information contained on the Dynagraph website was provided directly by the respective subsidiaries and vendors. Although it is compiled and updated periodically, it is impossible that we guarantee any form of errors. For this reason, Dynagraph for Printing Industry Sal disclaims and excludes all liability or warranty with regards to the accuracy, completeness and up-to-dateness of the information provided on this website.


We also wish to point out that Dynagraph is an information portal only; more detailed information on individual products must therefore be addressed to the relevant vendor Dynagraph is partner of.


Information published on the Dynagraph website may contain references or links to products, ranges and services which are not available and not due to become available in your country. These references do not mean that the products, and services are available from a Dynagraph subsidiary in your country. Please contact the respective vendor who will inform you about the availability of these products, ranges and services. If you wish you can submit these inquiries to Dynagraph for Printing Industry Sal, we will channel your queries accordingly.            


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